Youth is the backbone of any Samaj. It is the youth that helps make a strong & healthy samaj. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of Youth to take up the charge and accomplish all that is required for its betterment, keeping in mind the social & moral values of the samaj.

It was during the silver jubilee celebration of Shree Maheshwari Sabha Chennai when lack of yuva strength was first felt by the entire samaj in its activities. It was then when a group of Maheshwari friends joined hands together to form Shree Maheshwari Youth Club. This club volunteered and took active part in Samaj activities around Chennai. In the year 1981 together they decided to help the people in and around Jaipur who were severally affected by flood. These friends helped the people in Jaipur by distributing food, clothing, utensils, etc. Then, thereafter, in the year 1983 they formed ‘Shree Maheshwari Yuva Mandal’ formally recognized by Shree Maheshwari Sabha Chennai. It was since then that Shree Maheshwari Yuva Mandal had become an integral part of Shree Maheshwari Sabha Chennai and is actively participating hand to hand with Sabha in all Social activities.

The main aim of Yuva Mandal has always been “Seva” and in these many years there has always been a discipline in performing the same. The major seva activities in Yuva Mandal are Blood Bank, Food Bank, Scholarship for Education, Free Spectacles Distribution and Pilgrimage Yatra. It also helps the people of Maheshwari samaj in exploring their talents & potential by conducting competitions in event like ‘Bulandi’.

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